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The seeds for my poison garden have arrived

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You might have noticed that I haven't been as active across my social media accounts over the past several days.
The short explanation is that on the morning of  4/22 I had a grand mal seizure that triggered a stroke to stop the seizure. I was transported to the hospital where they ran plenty of test and released me to recover at home. 

Photo credit: Concept Media

World of the Strange is a convention favorite with their fun t-shirts.  Visit to shop their store. 

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The Boxxcar

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Happy Birthday JJ

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Uranium Glass Sterling Sliver Jewelry

Uranium Glass Sterling silver

I started playing around with wire wrap jewelry as a way to help combat my writers block.  Not only has it sparked my creativity it has also introduced me to the Uranium glass culture.  My Uranium glass pieces are wrapped in 925 sterling silver so that only the glass glows green in UV light. 

This and other pieces are available for purchase on my jjphilips123 Facebook page.

#AuthorJJPhilips, #ParentalBloodshed, #JJRecommends


J.J.'s  author bio photo  was taken by Chet King of Hexfyre  Photography

with models: Joe Clawson, Tommy Geiger, and Chris McFarland

The 5 year Anniversary of Parental Bloodshed

J.J.'s novel "Parental Bloodshed" was released on June 19, 2015 at a party featuring local Dayton, Ohio bands. 

Unfortunately like so many things in 2020 the planned five year anniversary party was scraped do to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Copies of "Parental Bloodshed" are available for purchase on J.J.'s website.



J.J.'s Top Moments of 2020

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Parental Bloodshed Wraping 3.jpg

#ShopSmall, #ShopLocal, #SupportIndieArtist, #DIY

In 2016 I attended my first Horrorhound Weekend in Indianapolis, Indiana as a vendor. It was during this convention that I made so many lasting friendships.

Actress Jessica Felice is on of those incredibly talented people that J.J. met that weekend.

Jessica has won two Best Actress Awards for her role of Katie in the feature film "Solemate". 

She also appeared on the cosplay variant D cover of "Vampirella vs. Reanimator, No. 2 released January 1, 2019.

Like many of us adapting to the world with coronavirus. Jessica has combined her voice over work with cosplaying creating video's on her Tiktok and Dubsmash accounts. 


Jessica has also worked with Hexed Fantasy Photography to put a sexy spin on Maleficent Mistress of Evil which is currently available on her Only Fans page. See links for details. 


While 2020 was an unprecedented year it certainty had its moments.  One of those moments was the alinement of some talented friends schedules for a very special project. 

On a fall afternoon in Philadelphia, PA we met for photo shoot that provided material for the October issue of Gothic Culture Magazine and a promotional video for Father Evil. 

J.J.'s Top Moments of 2020

Hexed Fantasy Photography, Father Evil, & Gothic Culture Magazine

Black and White Photo of Father Evil wit

Photo credit: Azrael Hex of Hexed Fantasy Photography w/ Father Evil & models J.J. Philips and Tommy Geiger

#AuthorJJPhilips, #ParentalBloodshed, #TheBloodyNews


A Little Fun with Aviation Gin & Ryan Reynold's 

J.J.'s Top Moments of 2020

Aviation and Green Lantern Photo.jpg

Like so many of us I was also stuck home this spring with nothing more than the walls of my home to stare at.  It was during these months that I created a series of post having a little fun with Aviation Gin and Ryan Reynold's.  

Some of these post even earned a like from Aviation Gin and Ryan Reynold's which allowed over 80K people to see my creative release. 


I even created a fun hashtag: #buyBlakesomethingnice  




Three years ago this week I was on the set of Ryan Stacy's Concept Media film "Failing Grace".  In the film I play the role of Suzanna Hawkins (motel clerk) opposite of Marylee Osborne's character Leona De Martino.  My novel "Parental Bloodshed" even had a cameo in the film. 

Kill Room Killer.png

When your hoping that we all just go to bed early.  But, you know that we've been drinking all year. 

Happy New Year?

Horror Author J.J. Philips 

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Weddings by Father Evil advertisement

The Bloody News Updated.png
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Tracy McElfresh is the owner of Tracy's Sewing Studio in Kettering, Ohio.  She creates custom clothes, offers sewing lessons, and much much more. 


Visit her website:

The Business of Independent 

Tip: Don't be afraid to self promote

JJ's PBS Ad 2018.jpg

Tip: Have relentless focus and deep pockets

The Business of Independent 

JJ's Author Bio Photo.jpg

The Coronavirus has given us all some extra time at home.  Which has increase the number of messages that I've received about being a self published author.  So I thought the month of September would be a great time to discuss what it takes.

I'll spare you the advise that I received before heading down the self-pub path which was in short "don't."  What I will say is that you should think of it like having a child. 

Its a lot of fun being your own boss and having control over your career.  However, that fun quickly fades as you support your project day in and out. Spending endless amounts of time and money on producing, marketing, and selling it. It's hard work but totally worth it if your able to give it the attention it needs to be successful. 

Photo Credit: Chet King of Hexfyre Photography

Models: Joe Clawson, Tommy Geiger, Chris Mcfarland

#Selfpub, #Indieauthor, #AuthorJJPhilips, #ParentalBloodshed

#AuthorJJPhilips, #ParentalBloodshed, #TheBloodyNews

J.J. recommends not seizing of over five minutes because then strokes are not necessary

Photo Credit: Chet King of Hexfyre Photography


J.J. Recommends.PNG

Taming that Tommy Ross Mane

Philadelphia, PA is full of historical sites surrounded by modern convenices 

The Bloody News Updated.png

Gothic Culture Magazine Issue 1 is now available 

An October surprise!

Guess who appears in Gothic Culture Magazine?  

Give up its me...

In addition to "A Very Gothic Wedding" editor Azrael Hex wrote a very kind review of my novel "Parental Bloodshed."  

Gothic Culture Magazine is available now in both digital and print editions. 


See the link for ordering details

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GC Mag #1 Cover with Dani Divine.jpg

The Business of Independent 

Tip: Create consistent social media content

J.J. Meme.jpg

A couple weeks ago I received a direct message complaining that I was using a post scheduler on Facebook.  

Yes, it's true I utilize Facebook's post scheduler program and if you have a Facebook business page I suggest you do too. 

Creating consistent content helps keep people engaged in what your doing.  It also helps introduce you and your project to new people because you never know what might get shared across your network of friends. 

I utilize the post scheduler because it allows me to consistently publish new content when I have the largest number of people online based on my pages analytics maximizing the exposure.     

J.J. Recommends.PNG


GC Mag #1 Cover with Dani Divine.jpg

Patreon is a monthly membership site that allows creators to generate revenue while providing exclusive content for members.  As a creator you can set different subscriptions levels and benefits. 


Until earlier this year I have been reluctant to launch another page.  Between my website, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and now a Patreon page that a lot of content that needs to be created and maintained.  Though each has its own unique place within my business. 

Currently my Patreon page has two membership tiers.

$5.00 per month gets members early access social media post and my discord server

$10.00 per months gets you the same perks as the $5.00 plus access to the audio recordings of J.J. reading "Parental Bloodshed" coming this Fall/Winter 2020. 


The plan is to develop my Patreon page into a distribution list of future projects.  

The Bloody News Updated.png
JJ Philips Parental Bloodshed HHW Cincy

If this was 2019 my "Parental Bloodshed" booth would have been set up at some horror convention this weekend and my social media would have been filled with photos of amazing people that I got to meet. 

But, it's 2020 and the coronavirus has cancelled or moved all the conventions online which isn't any fun but everyone is having to find new ways to adapt. 

I'll be using my discord server to connect with my supporters which is available through my Patreon page. 


The Business of Independent 

Tip: A little media support doesn't hurt

HorrorHound TV.jpg
A6P Logo 2.jpg
IndiePulse Music.png
Dayton City Paper 1.png

It helps if you have friends that write a blog, host a podcast, or write for a magazine that is willing to help promote your project. 

Over the years I've been lucky to have friends that were willing to promote my novel "Parental Bloodshed."  While it has been wonderful to have the support of my friends I'm proud that "Parental Bloodshed" has been supported my writers, editors, podcasters, and magazines because of its merit.  "SQ Horror Magazine" even named "Parental Bloodshed" their 2016 horror novel of the year. 

I can't promise that you'll get the same results but I know if you work really hard on perfecting your craft that good things will follow in time. 

Parental Bloodshed Wraping 3.jpg


Parental Bloodshed Convention Special Pricing 



























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JJ with Courtny and Shane HHW Cincy 2017
JJ with Clint Andrae DOTD Louisville, KY
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2016-09 - HorrorHound Indy 026.jpg
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HHW D2 18.png
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HHW D2 2.png
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HHW D2 11.png
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2016-09 - HorrorHound Indy 171.jpg
2016-09 - HorrorHound Indy 019.jpg
HorrorHound Booth Interview with Spikes.

Join J.J. for a LIVE Q&A Saturday March 28th @ 6 pm EST

Join J.J. for a LIVE Q&A Saturday March 28th @ 6 pm EST

Photo's taken from various conventions by Photgrapher Chet King of Hexfrye Photography 

Happy Birthday J.J.


May all of your nightmares come true... on paper. 

Dayton City Paper.png

January 2016

I remember it like yesterday. It had been months since Gary Spencer (Dayton City Paper) and had discussed "Parental Bloodshed"  and then a sleepy weekend in January I started getting phone calls from friends about the article.  Ask anyone that knows me it takes a lot to get me out of the house on a winter's day. But not that day as i rushed to my nearest news stands to grab a stack. 



J.J. recommends not seizing of over five minutes because then strokes are not necessary

Parental Bloodshed Website front page 2.

Celebrating Five Years of Bloodshed 

By: J.J. Philips

Tip for living a long and healthy life

Gary Spencer was kind enough to write the first review of "Parental Bloodshed."  It's a beautifully written article that is still available online if you'd like to check it out.  One of my favorite quotes from the article is below.  Some of the things that define a Quentin Tarantino film are his musical influences and his characters dialogue.  To have my writing style mentioned in the same sentence as Quentin Tarantino is mind blowing.  Then to have it conpared to my favorite Tarantino film "Reservoir Dogs" is very humbling. 
J.J. Recommends.PNG
     Save the Date

Save the Date:


Author J.J. Philips

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Patreon JJ Philips Banner.PNG



Save the Date:

@ HorrorHound Weekend

                       March 17 - 19th



See you in


I won't argue ad.jpg
SQ Horror MAG Winner 2016.jpg

"J.J. creates an unapologetic universe for us to be transported to, with little hope of ever being the same afterwards."

                       - Shawn Anthony

                            Editor in Chief: SQ Horror Magazine

Shawn and JJ.jpg

"J.J. Philips is one of the most talented authors I have read in a very long time. Her style invokes a mental imagery that has her novel playing like a movie in your head. She is fearless, witty, intelligent, and sardonic with her writing presenting a strong female presence in the horror writing universe."


            -Shawn Anthony

            Multiple award winning screen writer & director

Photo taken by Chet King of Hexfyre Photography at HorrorHound Weekend Indianapolis, IN. 2016

“The story is driven by dialogue between the story’s characters, similar to the way  that dialogue substantiates the core of Quentin Tarantino’s films “Reservoir Dogs “ and “Pulp Fiction,” adding to the overall cinematic vibe of the novel.”

                                          - Gary Spenzer Dayton City Paper

“I won’t get mad and argue with you. I’ll just destroy you in unimaginable fictional ways for the entertainment of others.”


                                      - J.J. Philips

"J.J. Philips wrote one of the most terrifying things I've read in my life." 

-Tony "Spikes" Fisher
-CEO of Rockabilly Blood Productions
His thoughts on: "Parental Bloodshed"

Photo taken by Chet King of Hexfyre Photography at HorrorHound Weekend Cincinnati, OH 2017

Feeling inspired with the help of my local musical friends courtesy of:






Heading 3

The Official Photographer of J.J. Philips 

7 Days till HorrorHound Cincinnati

See you Next Week

Parental Bloodshed:


Look for the 2nd edition second printing this summer

2nd Edition 2nd Printing of

"Parental Bloodshed" is now available at

Clash in Dayton, Ohio's Historic Oregon District.

Clash- 521 E. 5th Street Dayton, Ohio 45402

Welcome to the official Twitter page of

  Parental Bloodshed

Thank You

to everyone that stopped by the booth at Days of the Dead Louisville, KY.

2nd Edition 2nd Printing of

"Parental Bloodshed" is now available at:


Please email

for International shipping

An Award Winning Novel

By: J.J. Philips


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