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"I won't argue.  I'll just destroy you in unimaginable fictional ways for the entertainment  of others"  J.J. Philips


J.J. Philips is a strong determined independent women and she applies that to everything she does.   J.J.'s travels have span the globe providing her with experiences that have shaped her.  While her youth was spent in various parts of Oklahoma and Texas she's been a resident of Dayton, Ohio for the past 15 years.  J.J. has always been imaginative and had a quick wit but it wasn't until she moved to Dayton that she started getting serious about her writing.

J.J.'s debut novel Parental Bloodshed was born from a place of personal tragedy, hardship, and angst.  In its earliest forms Parental Bloodshed was a journal that J.J. kept as she tried to come to terms with traumatic life events.  Her raw emotion splashes onto the pages as she fictionalizes times that she didn't have the strength, voice, power, control, or platform to be heard.

Parental Bloodshed is a sociological horror fiction novel that begs the question; "what would happen if a family of feminist supremacist cannibals moved into a Midwestern city?"  You would get the Rentlaw family.  At first glance they appear to be a typical American family.  However, unlike most typical American families, their "normal" stops at the threshold of their front door.  This home is filled with mystery, murder, and acts of cannibalism.

Parental Bloodshed has been celebrated by readers for its cinematic descriptions.  Through if it were a film it would be Rated NC-17 for mature content, graphic violence, language, drug use, and sexuality.

Parental Bloodshed is available now through J.J.'s Facebook page @itsjjphilips and  on her website: 

J.J. is an independent author and Parental Bloodshed is printed by Mitchell Fleming Printing in Knightstown, Indiana.  Parental Bloodshed is a 364 page black leather hardbound novel that comes wrapped in white butchers paper.  When asked about the packaging she states, "I want you to consume it as it consumes you." 

J.J.'s author bio photo was taken by Chet King of Hexfyre Photography with Models: Joe Clawson, Tommy Geiger, and Chris McFarland.

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Parental Bloodshed won SQ Horror Magazines: Horror Novel of the Year 2016


Failing GraceJ.J. played Suzanna Hawkins and was an executive producer.


She Burns in Hell: Accounts from Chamberlain, Maine:  J.J. played Georgette Shyers along with executive producer and costumer.



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