Parental Bloodshed:

ISBN 978-1-4951-3124-0

     Parental Bloodshed is a sociological horror fiction story that begs the question; “What would happen if a family of radical feminist extremist cannibals moved into a Midwestern city?”


     You would get the Rentlaw family.  At first glance they appear to be a typical American family.  However, unlike most typical American families, their “normal” stops at the threshold of their front door.  This home is filled with mystery, murder, and acts of cannibalism.



- The 2nd edition 2nd printing  will be available summer 2017


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Parental Bloodshed (sequel will rise from the ashes)


    "I've cried, said goodbye, and now I morn. While the nearly 700 pages of my sequel wasn't without pain, they just didn't live up to my expectations. Few will understand the pain I must unearth from my subconscious, the scars that I must rip open, and the blood I must taste to conjure the fictional souls that I torture."   



                                   " Things are about to get uncomfortable..."


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